Unconsciously all I was searching was a nook I could fall into
Didn't even notice how bad I wanted it
A familiar smell, to feel tightly held

The many nights I couldn't sleep
The numerous thoughts I put into this desire
Consuming, really
Tiring, a search with no apparent end

Thought of letting it go, the desire
But it wasn't letting me go
Perhaps it was vital
To find one another

And now...
I finally belong to one
The warmest, comfiest nook I could've ever wished for
One that fulfills all empty spaces

Caresses me
Burns me with desire
Rests easy over me
Meticulously carved for me

I hope to rest here the entire life
Not afraid of anything
This nook is my safest place
My most awaited wish, finally materialized



You came back with no mixing colors. I’m still here but nothing’s lost in space.

No words fill empty spaces. Nothing’s a blur anymore.

We were so blended before, and boy, was it complicated.

No clear intentions were out there but there were certainly unapologetic attributions.

I am no longer head over heels with an unrealistic illusion. Air has cleared.

Nothing left unsaid, nothing emerging from inside.

We’re both black and white but we’re no longer gray.